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A Sample of Environmental Applications of Aerial Infrared Thermography



These high resolution thermal images show various size seeps into receiving bodies such as creeks or small streams, the impact of cooling tower discharge in another location, and the thermal signature of an effluent treatment pond.  They were done from various altitudes.  Even small seeps are quite distinguishable. 


(The GPS data that we encode on the images has been removed to protect our clients’ confidentiality.)



Very small seep into creek next to manhole.  The manhole just is just above the arrowhead.

On a golf course, a small creek or a mild seep entering another small creek.


A moderate seep seen from the higher of two altitudes.

A moderate seep seen from the lower of two altitudes.


A small seep next to a highway. 


A seep next to a petroleum refinery.  IR can also be used to check tank integrity and level. 


The imagery of the discharge has many applications, including selection of spot monitoring locations.


An effluent treatment pond with aerators.


Close-up of the effluent treatment pond.


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